My Material Life

The Skating Party

We celebrated Samantha’s 10th birthday with an ice skating party yesterday.  But rather than hold the entire party at the rink, we combined a house party with an ice skating outing to Sharks Ice in San Jose.  We had 8 kids skating, 4 adults skating and one adult holding down the fort off the ice.  I was so happy that all the skaters had a good time at the rink – no mishaps, no tears.  I owe a big thank you to my buddy Jill, our niece Julia and her friend Briar for skating with me and the girls.  It was a lot of fun.

And of course, the ice skating provided a theme to run with for decorations and more.  My sister recently gave Samantha a gift tag with a little paper ice skate on it.  The blade was a paper clip and the paper skate actually had teeny, tiny holes in it that were laced with thread!  It provided the inspiration for our decorations, so I owe my sister Kathie a thank you too.  I recreated the paper skates (minus the holes and lacing) with copy paper, glue stick and paper clips (think of one paper cutting of two boots that are joined at the bottom of the boots in the center and then folded around the paper clip and secured together with a glue stick).  We used the paper skates to decorate frames as the girls arrived yesterday; a simple craft is such a good way to ease kids into a party.  These were $1 frames purchased at Michaels that I covered with a piece of blue ombre paper before the party.  I put an assortment of stickers, other decorations and glue dots on a big tray and let the girls have at it.  The frames turned out so pretty!  We’ll send photos of the girls from the ice rink to place in the frames this week.  Look what Sydney did with the letters in her name in the photo below – pretty neat.

You can also see the same skate shape (thank you copy machine) hanging in the center of the door wreath (Michaels MDF wrapped with Lion Brand super bulky yarns) and on the felt banner that I made with rectangles of felt also purchased at Michaels.  This may be the easiest banner I ever made.  I just cut those rectangles in half and free-hand cut the bottoms of the flags.  I also purchased white felt with an adhesive backing that I used to cut various shapes from and stick onto the flags.  I sewed the flags together with some bias tape and that was that.  I really wanted to hang this banner on the driveway, but we are finally getting some rain in California, so inside it went.

As for the cake, I suppose I should take a cake decorating class, but I’m not sure I’d have the patience for it.  I’m always frosting and decorating at the last minute.  And it’s the building of the cake that I like the most.  This one had a little Lego Friends ice skater on the very top until someone panicked that she was going to melt from the candles.  The skates around the base of the cake are white chocolate, made using a mold I found at The Cake Works on Bascom in San Jose.  I love that place.  They could surely help me develop my cake decorating skills.

Bringing in fresh flowers for Samantha’s birthday is a personal tradition for me.  This year I added the pretty little French soaps in the bathroom.  They smell so good.  When I was a girl I thought little soaps like this were the height of gracious living, but I wasn’t sure if I was actually supposed to use them.  I was glad to see that these were put to use yesterday even if they are less sanitary than the pump soap option.


  1. Jo Ann

    What a clever and thoughtful Mother…Samantha will remember this birthday celebration for a long time. I love the theme, right along with the Olympics! Those skates on the birthday cake look great. What a clever idea to decorate picture frames and then send the girls pictures of everyone skating. I love that idea!
    I use to go ice skating with a best friend when I was around Samantha’s age and I still remember what fun I had. My friend’s grandfather would skate with us.

    • You should come out with us! Have you ever been to Winter Lodge in Palo Alto? That one’s only open seasonally – next year at Christmas! They put up a big Christmas tree in the middle of the ice, so pretty.

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