My Material Life

Handmade Hearts & Flowers

Wool felt heart inspired by Suzie Millions’ Animal Crackers ornaments in the book Fa la la la Felt.  Heart is fourth in a series inspired by this blog post.  Linen napkin is embellished with a heart filled with French knots and sparkly seed beads (similar to Gummi Bear napkins in Sugar Rush post).

My second crepe paper flower.  This one is the peppered peony from the book, Paper to Petal.  I ordered single-ply crepe paper from D. Blumchen & Company and splattered it with diluted paint.  I’m pretty excited about this whole paper flower making business.

This is the same kind of tissue paper flower I showed you in my first paper flower post.  But I see that the Martha Stewart website doesn’t have photos for the process, and I wanted to show you a couple of fun things you can do with your flowers (above).  I love this project because the materials are readily available (tissue paper, pipe cleaners) and it’s so easy to do.  I like to cut a pipe cleaner in half for the stem.  This creates a good length for placing your flower in a bud vase or wearing it as a ring or tucked behind your ear.  Great party craft/favor for older kids.  Take a look at the photo gallery below for the how-to.  I used 5 sheets of 4″ square tissue paper.


Is Valentine’s Day over yet? Have a good one!


    • Thank you! If you think that’s cute you will really like the animal crackers from the book (found it in the library). They are to die for. Wish I had used Japanese seed beads; they are so much more consistent in size and quality. Have fun making one 🙂

  1. suziemillions

    Thanks so much for the nod. Your heart is precious! Love how light and ethereal your work is! Not sure if you’ve seen it, but Kathy Sheldon put out a follow up to Fa La La La Felt that just came out, Tis the Season To Be Felty (my wreath made the cover!) xo

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