My Material Life

Pretty Paper Helleborus

I’ve been playing with paper flowers inspired by a book I picked up over the holidays called Paper to Petal (shown below).  This is a very inspiring book with lots of beautiful projects; I couldn’t resist it.  If you’re curious about it you might take a look at the current issue of Martha Stewart Living (Jan./Feb. 2014) because it includes a paper flower making article by the same authors (Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell).  One of them used to work for Martha Stewart and in fact, Martha Stewart wrote the foreword for the book.

I was curious to see what kind of results I’d get using materials I already had in the house or could easily purchase locally.  Could I use a roll of crepe paper intended for use as party streamers?  That’s the only kind of crepe paper I could find in my area.  I’d have to keep my petals short because of the roll, so I decided to try to copy one of my favorite small flowers, the Lenten Rose (shown in first photo).  I bought a white roll of crepe paper from the party section at Target and used some watered down pink paint on the edges of the six petals I cut for my flower.  I drew my petal template based on a shape I found in the book, but I could have used my flower photo as a guide as well.  This seems to be the kind of thing where if you get the basic gist of it (the magazine article will provide this) you can improvise some of your materials and techniques.


I was actually surprised that it turned out so well.  This makes me think it would definitely be worthwhile to order quality crepe paper and actual pips (I used embroidery floss for the stamen this time) when I get inspired to do some more with this.

That last pink tissue paper flower is not in the book, but the instructions (steps 1 – 3 here) are from Martha Stewart.  It’s a breeze to make for anyone who needs a little cheer this time of year.

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