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A Favorite Place for Sunset


You’d almost think it was Scotland, but it’s not.  These are photos I took last night from The Lobby Lounge Terrace at the Inn at Spanish Bay.  We got there just in time for sunset and the bagpiper.  It’s such a beautiful place to visit and enjoy a drink, a real treat.  It’s part of the Pebble Beach Resorts.  In fact one time we went there after we’d attended a practice day of the U.S. Open and Arnold Palmer was sitting right next to us!  Is it expensive?  Is the Pope Catholic?  You bet it is!  But you don’t have to stay there or even eat in one of their restaurants to enjoy the spectacular location.  Have a drink instead.  Your Shirley Temple will set you back more than any old Shirley Temple, but they are very generous with the maraschino cherries.

You’ll have to enter through one of the 17-Mile Drive gates to get to the inn, but if you tell the guards you’re planning to visit the Lobby Lounge at the inn, they’ll usually just let you go through without paying (it’s about $10 otherwise).  Other than that, self-parking is easy and plentiful.  Just call ahead and find out when the bagpiper will be playing on the day of your visit if that is important to you.

Look what they had in the lobby – an entire gingerbread city!  One of the staff told me that their pastry chef is married to an architect and it took them two months to make everything and put it all together.





Amazing, isn’t it?  How cool is that theatre?  Such talent!   As we were driving away I realized that I forgot to ask what would happen to it now, but then again maybe I’d rather not think about that.  Cookie and sweets architecture is meant to be ephemeral after all.


  1. What an awesome gingerbread creation! There’s so much to love about it…I can’t decide if my favorite part is the street lights or the little foodstuffs in the market.

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