My Material Life

Sugar Rush

This is a very elegant way to serve gummi bears.  I already had a bunch of these cotton and linen cocktail napkins that I picked up at a warehouse sale many years ago.  The bears are embroidered using nothing but French knots.  I’ve never done that before, but I saw it used on a monogram and it looked so cool that I had to try it.  I love the texture it produces; it’s very poodle-like.  If I had a butler, I would have him bring out a tray of gummi bears in fancy glasses with hand-embroidered linen cocktail napkins after all the dinners he would prepare and serve for us and our guests.

Haribo gummi bears are such beautiful things.  You could make a gummi globe with them or decorate a toilet paper roll knitter with gummi bear duct tape.

Did you notice that jar that I’m using for the gummi globe?  It’s nice, isn’t it?  It’s comes from Italy via The Container Store.  Here you see a larger version that I’m using to hold some Chimes orange ginger chews.  Have you tried Chimes?  I just discovered that I love them.  They definitely deserve their own jar.  The candy dish that’s holding the gorgeous Jelly Belly Christmas Deluxe Mix is actually a $3 and some-odd cents sugar bowl that I picked up at Target.  Candy dish, sugar bowl – same thing really!

Last week Samantha told me that one of her friends told her that it was gummi bear week.  When I went online to see if it was true, I didn’t find anything about gummi bear week, but I did learn that Hans Riegel, the son of Haribo’s founder who had run the business for close to sixty years, passed away in October at the age of 90.  And so I will dedicate this post to his memory with his famous line – Kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo.


For something else that’s fun to do with gummi bears click here.

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