My Material Life

The Wonderful World of Wire Snowflake Forms


I’ve been having so much fun with these wire snowflake forms that I ordered from Oriental Trading.  The first photos show some borax crystal experiments that didn’t exactly work out, but they still have an asymmetrical kind of beauty, don’t you think?  I’ve also beaded them, of course – that’s probably the most expected, appealing and satisfying kind of thing you can do with these forms.  And I also decorated a gift box by tracing one of the forms on a small box lid with a pencil and using that as a guide for placing adhesive gemstones.


Though the package says the forms are not for kids, older kids can certainly have a lot of fun with these and be quite successful with them if you supervise …


and have them use a bit of modeling clay at the end of each snowflake stem to hold the beads in place until you get a chance to come around with your needle nose pliers and turn the end of the wire to hold the beads in place.


This is a great project for leftover beads.  I’ve even incorporated some crystals from one of my mom’s old pieces of costume jewelry.  I love being able to do that.  I also purchased some new glass beads that, thankfully, were all on sale at Michaels.  Beaded snowflakes make great gifts.  And they look so pretty hanging from the tree.



  1. You’re just incredible – what an idea for using up those leftover beads – love that!! I have enough beads to keep making snowflakes for a very very looooonnnggg time – bravo! Merry Christmas too

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