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Popsicle Stick Spool Knit Infinity Scarf for Humans

I say for humans because the last thing I knit with this knitter was for a doll; I just want you to know that popsicle stick spool knitting is not just for dolls (and not just for kids). Case in point is this infinity or tube scarf. It builds upon my summer skinny skarf from last summer. But this time I’ve incorporated three different yarns and a number of stripe variations. And of course, what makes this an infinity scarf is that the short ends are joined together with a seam.

To make this scarf, I used a 15-short-popsicle-stick knitter made with duct tape and a plastic Vitamin Water bottle. The duct tape roll knitter that I show in the skinny skarf post would have worked for this project as well (so would the embroidery hoop variation from my spool knit wrist warmer), but I wanted to experiment with a plastic bottle and the Vitamin Water bottles are nice and rigid. They are not easy to cut, however, so children and the faint of heart should stick with cardboard tubes and embroidery hoops.

The yarns for this scarf came from the sale rack of the Very Knit Shop in Los Gatos. There is something about knitting with popsicle sticks that encourages experimentation, so I picked three yarns that I didn’t know anything about and wouldn’t probably mix in a typical project with regular knitting needles. What I used here includes an Italian cotton yarn (brown), a lace weight baby mohair from South Africa (light brown), and a cotton, linen and rayon finely knitted tube from Spain (green).

I didn’t follow a set plan; I just varied stretches of brown (using both the mohair and the cotton) with stretches of different stripe patterns that incorporated the green tape or tube. The knitting and bind off is the same as for the skinny skarf. Just knit back and forth (instead of round and round) until your scarf measures about 60″. If you’re going to incorporate stripes, you’ll have more yarn ends to knot and weave in, but the stripes will be so attractive it will be worth it. And remember that where your stripe sequences are short you can carry up your yarn. Once you seam the short ends, you can wear your scarf hanging in one long loop around your neck or you can cross it and loop it around your head an additional one or two times as shown in the first photo.

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