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Saige’s Popsicle Stick Poncho


Saige insisted on posing in that tree (she thought the leaves would go so well with her hair), but wouldn’t you know that I would be the one to get in trouble for “frizzing” her hair and getting leaves in it?

Last Saturday we attended the grand opening of the new San Francisco American Girl store in Palo Alto where they offered some kind of purchase with purchase discount on a poncho with snowflakes on it. I told Samantha we could make a better one at home. I even agreed to put snowflakes on it, but I think this one looks better without them, don’t you?


Would you have guessed that this was knit with a popsicle stick spool knitter if I hadn’t told you? Fifteen sticks this time, knit in a flat panel, i.e. back and forth, back and forth instead of round and round. I love how that change in direction – one row wrapped in one direction, the next row in reverse – gives almost a woven appearance to this piece.  It’s so interesting to try different kinds of materials with this technique.


Once my panel measured about 18″ in length, I bound off my knitting using the directions from my skinny skarf post. Then I used a contrasting color of yarn to connect one short edge of the panel to the end of one long edge with single crochet. It never ceases to amaze me that that one simple connection turns a rectangle into a garment. And an elegant one at that.


Here’s the wool yarn I used.  t’s a roving yarn that works well for felting, so it’s not so practical for something you’d like to be able to wash and not become felted. Something tells me Saige isn’t going to be washing this poncho, so I’m not worried about it.


I have another yarn in mind for when I scale this up for a poncho for me.

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  1. Kathie

    Very cute! I never would have guessed you made this from popsicle sticks. I think the hippest AG dolls live in your house! When are we going to check out the new American Girl store?

  2. Oh I’ve been meaning to tell you … the first person we met there was a retired teacher from Sacramento who works there – she commutes! (And she told us they still need people …) We’ll check it out whenever you come down which we hope is soon! and i am very looking forward to going to the ag store with you guys i am inviting you to come to my birthday at the ag store.

  3. Ana

    I love this poncho. I intend to knit it for my daughter.I already bought some yarns and soon I will start the work.Is so easy to make it and looks great , specially on young ladies! 🙂

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