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The Secret To Meatloaf Even Randy Would Love


It’s the chili sauce, a coating of chili sauce.  This is a trick that I learned from an old meatloaf recipe clipping that was credited to Bill Blass.  I was telling a friend about it recently and right after that I saw the recipe mentioned in a food article in House Beautiful (though not in a favorable way I am sorry to say).  So I thought I’d make sure you knew about it too.

You probably already have your own method for making meatloaf, but have you ever coated it with chili sauce before you baked it?  If not you should really give it a try; it’s delicious.  I’ve adapted my meatloaf from Bill Blass’s recipe and simplified it quite a bit over the years.  Now I use turkey and I don’t bother with the celery and onions.  My husband never liked the celery and now even if I wanted to bother with the onions they’d just be so difficult to remove for my feline friends (who should never eat onions, don’t you know).

Really, you hardly need a recipe for meatloaf, do you?  You need some meat (I make a small loaf with 1 lb. dark ground turkey) and some kind of bread or crumbs or crackers.  I learned about the crackers from my Uncle Vlad who used to use saltines in his hamburgers; just be sure they get nice and wet from your liquid ingredients before you mix them in.  Then you need an egg, a little milk maybe, some Worcestershire or ketchup or even a little chili sauce inside the loaf like I tried tonight.  Salt, pepper, a sprinkle of herbs perhaps.  And I almost forgot to add my other favorite ingredient from the Bill Blass recipe – a nice big dollop of sour cream.

Do you know which Randy I’m referring to in the title for this post?  You can hear his famous meatloaf line from the movie A Christmas Story here.

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