My Material Life

Cat’s Eyes

Halloween is just a week away – will you be ready?  The cat’s eyes were new for us last year, but I heard that some small children were too frightened by them to come up to the front door, so I may not use them this year.  It’s a great technique; I suppose I could cut out something less sinister looking than cat’s eyes.  The black felt came from JoAnn’s.  It was wide enough to cover the height of our windows, so that made this project fairly simple and straightforward.  The cut-out eyes are backed with tissue paper, just not the same color unfortunately.  When I do put these up again, I’ll be sure to have enough light green tissue paper to make the eyes look like just like those of our real black cat.  I used painter’s tape to adhere each large piece of felt to the window surround.  I must have seen this in a Martha Stewart Living magazine; I’ve gotten my favorite Halloween decorating ideas from her.  She did a Halloween special on TV a few years ago.  Did you see it?  Samantha still asks about that show.  I wonder if I can find it on DVD.

I’m also showing a clearer photo of my ring of ghostie girls and of the spider that is hanging between the cat’s eyes and looking something like whiskers.  We do two of these spiders every year, but just for the night – they require glow sticks that only last for a number of hours.  The felt trick is just for the night too; it’s very creepy to be inside the house and have your windows covered in black felt!  Below you can see some more Halloween favorites.  For directions or links to directions, click here to see my previous Halloween posts.

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