My Material Life

Happy Skeleton Couple


I found these skeletons at Party City last week.  It seemed wrong to buy just one, so I bought two.  And because anniversaries and weddings are on my mind this month in addition to Halloween, I decided to turn these skeletons into a bride and groom to hang on our door.  They really do look quite happy, don’t they?


Today I found some similar skeletons already dressed as a bride and groom at Michaels.  But these home-fashioned ones are so much better.  I bought a spool of 5″ wide tulle to make some fascinators for the royal wedding a couple of years ago; that was the perfect thing for the bridal dress and veil.  I fashioned a piece of black grosgrain ribbon into a bow tie for the groom.  My local cake decorating shop provided the small silver flowers used for the bride’s headpiece, gown shoulder embellishment and bouquet; it also provided the groom’s top hat and cane.  Do I ever love poking around the bins at that shop.  Here’s to the bride and groom!


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