My Material Life

Embroidered Twill Tape Tag

Samantha picked out this fairy fabric at Eddie’s Quilting Bee last summer and I finally stitched it into some pj bottoms a few weeks ago.  This tag was a last-minute inspiration.  I love adding labels to things I make for the sheer fun of it, for that little something extra.  But a pajama bottom really does require a tag or a label to help you identify which side is the front and which is the back.  (That is, unless you don’t mind taking a look at your crotch seam every time you step into them as I have done for years with a pair of flannels I recently retired.)  I’ve tried labels, but they don’t work well with a gathered waistband.

A tag’s the thing you want for pajama bottoms, and if you have some extra twill tape on hand, it couldn’t be easier to make your own.  After cutting a piece of tape, you can add some embellishment with embroidery or a rubber stamp or a Sharpie.  It could be an initial or a symbol.  Or don’t embellish it at all if you don’t want to.  A plain piece of twill tape or any similar tape you have lying around will still function perfectly as a tag once you fold it and enclose its raw ends inside your waistband casing.  But twill tape is so attractive.  You could certainly use this same technique for a purely decorative exterior tag extending from the side seam of a pillow or a top.

Below you can see the pattern I used, Simplicity 1532.  I wasn’t planning to make the top, but I might have to give it a try because that empire line of gathering would be just the place to try the super cool smocking technique you can see here and here.  I think a purple cotton knit would be lovely with these pajama bottoms, don’t you?  And, of course, another purple twill tape tag with a small embroidered white heart, this time extending from the lower edge of a side seam …



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