My Material Life

Recycled T-Shirt Potholder

It’s a little rough around the edges, but it has a certain rakish charm, this potholder.  I really did cut up that T-shirt to make it.  It was a lovely T-shirt, but it had been in my mending pile for such a long time because of that little hole in the lower front middle.  Do you see it?  I had this idea that I would patch it with a cute little crochet flower or something, but I never really seem to get around to mending anything, so when I learned (here) how to turn a T-shirt into loops for my potholder loom – well, there was no looking back.

Samantha suggested we make pot holders to bring to my sister when we met her in Lake Tahoe last weekend to celebrate our birthdays, so I went online to see what interesting things people were doing with their potholder looms.  That’s how I found Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood’s patchwork potholder rug (see link above).  But frankly I didn’t know if my sister would appreciate a potholder made from one of my old T-shirts, so we made her two from fresh cotton knit loops instead.  I made the orange and pink holder (the instructions for the houndstooth-like design came with my Harrisville loom) and Samantha made the multi-color, free-form one.

We were going to treat to a birthday boat ride on the Tahoe Queen, but the weather on the last day of summer was very winter-like – about 40° F and raining all day.  This is the view towards Mt. Tallac from my sister and brother-in-law’s vacation home.  Aren’t they lucky?


The next day we had more seasonable weather and spent a little time exploring the old estates at the Tallac Historic Site.  There are a number of really cool old homes/estates you can visit at Tahoe in the summer time.  Vikingsholm is one I love.  Maybe next summer we can spend more time in Lake Tahoe.  I’m not a snow person myself, but there’s an awful lot to do and see up there in the summer and early fall.

I do have a recipe to share with the potholder.  I’m not sure why I’ve had blondies on my mind, but I knew I wanted to make some this weekend, so I searched up “best blondies recipe” and the first one that came up was from Smitten Kitchen.  I have a friend who loves that blog, so I searched no further.  You cannot beat this recipe for the pure comfort of a chocolate chip cookie without the effort involved in actually making cookies.  Just a few ingredients, one bowl, a spoon, one pan, a short time in the oven.  A big pay off for very little effort.  Enjoy.


*  Do you get these holes in your T-shirts as well?  I’ve had friends share their theories, but I don’t buy them.  I mean, maybe they come from carpet beetles, but why always in the same location?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Do you have a theory?  I’ve just come to accept them as one of the great mysteries of life.


  1. I’m with you – WHERE are those holes coming from??? and you’re right – they are always in about the same place….so annoying isn’t it? AND Smitten Kitchen is a major favorite of Julia’s – she cooks from it all the time…lucky you – I love old houses – let’s plan a vacation up there together to see that gorgeous area!!

    • Yes! There’s another amazing looking old house to see up on the north shore … I forget what it’s called. My friend Susan loves Smitten Kitchen too. Funny, I took that photo and recipe link out after I pressed “publish” (I usually edit after the fact), but I think I’ll put it back. I just had a little sliver of blondie for breakfast!

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