My Material Life

Happiness is a Potato Pizza


Potatoes, rosemary and pizza dough are a combination that’s hard to beat.  They make your kitchen smell so good while they bake that you won’t miss the red sauce or the cheese.  And if you make this pizza with one of those $1.99 balls of pizza dough that you can find in the frozen section of your market it’s very easy too.  Just follow the instructions on your dough packet for thawing/rising the dough.  You’ll also need 3 or 4 good-sized Yukon or other waxy type potatoes, some variation of garlic, onion and/or shallot, fresh rosemary, olive oil and salt (and maybe a little cornmeal if you have it).


Follow your dough package instructions for oven temperature, bake time, and pan instructions.  The package I used today didn’t suggest any cornmeal in the pan, but I think a little bit helps prevent sticking (along with the oil).

With your dough spread in your pan and the oven heating, saute 2 cloves of chopped garlic and some chopped shallot in a generous 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Spread this mixture of oil, garlic and shallot on the pizza dough.  Then slice your scrubbed potatoes as thinly as you can (use a mandoline if you like; I didn’t feel like cleaning mine so I didn’t bother) and chop some fresh rosemary.

Add the potato slices to the pizza – overlapping slightly – and top with the fresh rosemary and some salt.  Bake according to dough package directions (I baked mine at 450° for 20 minutes).  A couple of minutes before the baking time was up, I used a brush to dab the potatoes with a little bit of oil left in my saute pan.  Serve with salad and a nice white wine if you wish.  Bon appetit!

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