My Material Life

Washcloth Origami You Can Actually Use

Finally back to the blog after a long illness and a short trip back to Disneyland for our third summer in a row.  This time we splurged on a couple of nights at the Disneyland Hotel.  I had heard that the service there was outstanding and indeed, after Samantha and I inquired about Daisy Duck’s whereabouts at guest services one day, a personal note from Daisy to Samantha was delivered to our door along with an 8×10 autographed photo (black & white) of both Daisy and Donald.  But when I was told that the Washcloth Creations session I planned to attend the morning of our check-out was cancelled because no one signed up, well, I am sorry to report that no one bothered to find out what room I was in so they could send me a washcloth with an instruction sheet.  So I had to take matters into my own hands and research what kinds of things people were folding out of toweling on the internet.

I got pretty excited when I found the toothbrush holder because I never have a good solution for where to put my toothbrush once I use it when I am away from home.  You can find the instructions here.  Or you can just pick up one of these from the Container Store and be done with it.  Makes you wonder why all travel toothbrush holders don’t have standing capability, doesn’t it?

We stayed in a room in the Frontier tower which provided us with views of both the pools and the park.  On our last night there we ran back to our room just in time to see the fireworks show from our window.  That was fantastic.  I love the hotel’s printed material, most of which uses black and white photography of Walt Disney himself (like you can see in the photo gallery at the top of this post).


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