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Embroidered Embellishment For A Ready Made Pillow


For some reason, when everyone else seems to get their worst colds and illnesses during the winter or spring months, I seem to get mine in the month of July.  I am just recovering from one now.  It caught me completely off-guard, but at least it provided me the opportunity to be still and work on an embroidery project that I’ve been meaning to get to.

Have you seen this pillow at IKEA?  It’s the Eivor, a 16×20″ pillow with a nice linen and cotton removable cover that is begging for some fabric markers or embroidery floss.  (Although it looks pretty good in black and white too.)  Not long after I saw this pillow I discovered this dress in a library book.  Fabric markers were also my first instinct for the pillow, but embroidery is so much nicer.  Too bad it takes so long.



I didn’t have a real plan for what to embroider on this pillow (I did know I had no intention of filling it in!), but I started on the center of the flower because that seemed to be a focal point and I liked the idea of having a vertical element from top to bottom and a little bit in the upper left corner just to balance it out.  I played with the stitches and the colors; most of what I tried I liked, but a few things I pulled out when I could see they weren’t working.  I could embroider more petals on the flower, but I probably won’t.  I’m going to make a pillow to accompany this one with some yellow cotton knit fabric that I’m going to cut into strips to either knit or crochet, so I’ll leave this one as is – for now anyway.

I was thinking the design of this fabric has a Wiener Werkstätte influence.  Can you see it?  My color pallette was inspired by this favorite Marimekko fabric …



It’s called Siirtolapuutarha.  And look what I just found …



This is Siniverinen.  I think what is shown here represents about 2 yards of fabric.  I love it; I just don’t know what I’d do with it.  Sure would make a great display though.


  1. Jo Ann

    What fun to embroider the pillow. It is a great way to try out different stitches. Kind of like making a sampler quilt.

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