My Material Life

White Chocolate Buttercream


We celebrated two birthdays in the East Bay yesterday, so this cake did double duty.  It helped that both birthday celebrants have names that start with “D” (no favoritism shown in whose name appeared first) and that both share the number 5 in their current ages – although in different place values.

We baked the cake to ensure it would be peanut-safe, so I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe from Hershey’s that I’ve shared here before.  Samantha wanted me to try a new frosting, so she found this recipe for a white chocolate buttercream from Southern Living magazine and boy, is it good.  These two recipes go together like sunflower seed butter and jelly.  So delicious.

I did a search for “fireworks cake” and found a photo of a professionally decorated cake that I copied in a non-professional way using supermarket decorator icing.  It’s kind of funny that I used such good and wholesome ingredients (Guittard chocolate and cocoa, Strauss Family cream, Irish butter, etc.) for the cake and frosting, but when it came to the decorations, well you know, lots of chemicals and what-not.  They sure made it festive though.


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