My Material Life

Madonna Inn-spiration

I could never be someone who makes disparaging remarks about the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.  Some people find it garish or kitsch, but I find it original, unique, a special treat.  All the rooms are different and decorated with things your eccentric aunt might have picked up on her travels years ago.  Like that beautiful, probably silk lampshade shown above.  I love how it’s lined with that checked fabric.  It’s so uplifting to find an object – a lampshade, a piece of clothing, a cabinet – that has been finished as carefully on the inside as on the outside.

But what I am most excited to show you is this …


Who says a basketball court has to be … whatever color basketball courts usually are?  Or a tennis court?  Who says a tennis court has to be green?


That’s kind of crazy and exciting, isn’t it?  One thing for sure about the Madonna Innkeepers, they are not afraid to use a little color (especially pink, their signature).


Look at this rainbow of Mosser wine glasses lined up in the window of one of the inn’s boutiques.  They remind me of a curtain I saw hanging in a shop once.  It was made of different colored vertical panels of sheer fabric that were stitched together to give a rainbow effect.  It wasn’t hanging at a window; it was used more as a room divider.  It was beautiful.

We were in San Luis Obispo last weekend for the SLO Marathon (not for me to run of course!)  The race ended at the Madonna Inn and this little trailer caught my eye out on the field.


A pie tin, get it?  So cute.  Whenever I see one of these little businesses in a trailer it makes me think what I would sell if I had one – probably some combination of bakery (Maida Heatter type cookies)/haberdashery (toilet paper roll knitters, etc.) /library (cookbooks, craft reference books, Agatha Christie-type mysteries).  What would you sell?


We stayed in the Edelweiss room shown below (lower balcony).


Here is the view of San Luis Obispo and Highway 101 from our room.


The Central Coast of California is so lovely.  If you ever visit California, you might think about visiting the area and staying at the Madonna Inn.  We love their pool too.  Below is a photo from the late summertime.


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