My Material Life

Painted Plastic Figure Jar Lids


Until I discovered this beautiful blog post from Torie Jayne that led me to this image, I thought the best thing you could hope to make with a glass jar and a plastic figure would be a snow globe.  Now I’m not so sure.  This was a last minute Easter project for me, but you could make these lids/jars for just about any occasion or storage purpose throughout the year.  I tried making three lids, but this is the only one that worked.  I did not take the time to prime my surface before painting and that was a problem.  I used a Krylon indoor/outdoor gloss spray paint (shown in Blue Ocean Breeze and purchased at Michael’s).  I’m not sure why this color worked and my other colors didn’t, but I’ll definitely start with paint primer next time.

To make this project you’ll need a plastic figure (we already had the bunny; I purchased the hen below at Michael’s) and a clean jar with a lid.  New or used jars are fine, although the used ones are usually more interesting; this one held mango chutney in its past life.  Use a super glue to attach your figure to your lid and allow to dry.  Then prime and paint your lid.  It helps to suspend your lid on some object like the small paper cup shown below, so excess paint can run off your lid and your lid will not become stuck to whatever surface you are painting on.


Those Jelly Belly brand Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs look so pretty in the bunny jar, don’t they?  I love that candy, but I fear it too.  I once got one stuck in my throat, so now I cut them (carefully, carefully) before eating or giving them to anyone else.

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