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Mood LA

One of the things I learned in the March issue of Threads magazine (read more about it here) is that Mood Fabrics of Project Runway fame has a shop in Los Angeles.  I was very happy to learn this because I was about to make a trip there.  I’m just back from that trip and though the West Pico site listed in the article has closed, we did find Mood in a very nice, large and light-filled space on La Brea Avenue.  You won’t find Tim Gunn or Swatch the dog there, but you’re sure to find just about everything else.

I had to buy a Mood bag and the red reference/sketchbook called a fashionary that you see in the photo above.  This is a very cool tool for designers and design students.  It’s loaded with design reference information like sizes and measurements, fabrics and patterns, etc.; my favorites are the drawings of common styles of garments and accessories – outerware, tops, bottoms, lingerie, shoes, even eyeglass styles.  It also includes sheets that have faint dotted outlines of female figures for your design sketches.  You can learn more about it here.

I found Cloth magazine at a Barnes & Noble shop in Los Angeles.  Have you seen this one?  It’s from the UK and it has a new editor and a new look.  When I saw that it also included a paper doll I knew I had to buy it.  Samantha and I made paper dolls at Camp Fashionista this afternoon; I’m going to share those and a few choice pieces from my paper doll collection in an upcoming post.  Anyway, if you can’t find the magazine near you, check out their website.  Mood also has a website complete with an online store and even more exciting, a blog.  So many retail blogs are mostly about what you can buy in the store, but Mood’s looks to be both educational and filled with cool projects.  Take a look at the draped and pinned dress forms just posted.  Draping is so amazing, isn’t it?

It’s a good thing it’s Thursday because I’ve certainly gotten myself in the “mood” for Project Runway tonight.  Could you believe that Benjamin character building his own loom and weaving his own fabric from string last week?  That was so crazy, but so cool too.


  1. Zoe

    I didn’t know there was a Mood in LA! I would have gone there when I was in LA a few years ago. I’ll probably be going there again once I’ve saved up and feel like stomaching a 12 hour flight; next time I’ll make sure to go to Mood 🙂

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