My Material Life

Valentine’s Vignette, Hearts, Flower

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!  I had a few things I wanted to try this year, like the scene above.  Here you can see two more champagne chairs – one with a few beads, one without (the red cap is from a bottle of Lambrusco I bought to go with a pizza we had last week).  The table is made from one of those plastic things you find in your pizza box to keep the pizza from getting crushed and a metal disk that formed the end of a refrigerated dough canister from Trader Joe’s.  The wallpaper is a copy (reduced in size) of the original painting I did last year.  The floor is a stitched piece of paper that I bought at Paper Source a few years ago.  The glasses (and they are glass), cake and ballet painting came from D & J Hobby in Campbell which I believe is closed now, but supposed to reopen in another location.  When they do they will not be carrying the kind of miniature collection they used to have.  One of the staff told me there is just not the market for it (their selection has been dwindling for a while now – such a shame).  First a chair, now a scene, maybe a condo next?  Here are some other fun things for Valentine’s Day, a few of which kept me up way past my bedtime last night.

Clockwise from upper left:

  • Guittard white chocolate molded and packaged with products from The Cake Works/Wedding Works.  Unsuccessfully colored beige (I was going for blush) with a natural food coloring.
  • One of the very few pretty things in my yard, the lovely Lenten Rose (hellebores).  I think this is the Ivory Prince variety, but I wouldn’t swear to it.
  • A “less successful than my snowflake mobile” made with gel clings from Target sandwiched between sheets of Dura-Lar (which is how they are packaged, actually) and cut with scissors.  Dura-Lar is a polyester film similar to acetate.  You can buy it at University Art.
  • Wool heart version 2013 for Samantha.  This is the third in a series; it’s four inches square.  I knit the center with a Lion brand Martha Stewart wool roving.  Fun stuff.  If you want any more info on how I made it, send me a message.  I saw something similar in a frame in a knitting magazine.  These hearts are great for doll pillows (see photo below).
  • Embroidery for a future project.  This design came from a nicely-designed box of Belgian chocolate hearts that Trader Joe’s was selling a couple of years ago.  I ripped off the top and saved it.  Samantha liked it too; we knew it would come in handy for something.
  • Samantha made these for classmates.  I just helped with some of the cutting.  Next year I probably won’t have to do anything.


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