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Rouault, The Old King, 1916-36

Rouault, The Old King, 1916-36

I recently ran across this print that I forgot I had.  I purchased it for a couple of dollars at BookBuyers in Mountain View a few years ago.  I’m very attracted to this image.  For one thing, I find the king quite handsome.  He strikes me as a rather romantic figure (notice flowers, contemplation, melancholy).  This is the reason he is accompanying this list of love songs that I just put on a cd for one of my favorite people to give presents to – me!  I hope you’ll find a tune or two that you’ll like.  Music is such a gift; I often wonder why I don’t listen to it more like I did when I was younger.

Here is the list with brief notes and the odd dedication or two.  If you don’t know a song that you’re curious about, remember that you can preview it on iTunes . . .

If Only, Dave Matthews Band – I am digging this song right now.  It was the inspiration for making this cd.  Best DMB effort to date.
The Story, Brandi Carlile – Who is Brandi Carlile?  I don’t know either, but she can really belt out a song.  I love her Dreams too.
Anniversary Song, Cowboy Junkies – A rare, somewhat upbeat, and even happy Cowboy Junkies song.
I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying, Sting – I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite Sting songs.
Just Breathe, Pearl Jam – What can I say?
Longing To Belong, Eddie Vedder – See above plus ukelele.
She, Elvis Costello – The Charles Aznavour classic sung by my favorite Elvis.  Remember this from Notting Hill?
Cold, Annie LenoxI want to swim in the pools of your eyes? Now that’s good writing.  And the voice of an angel.
Isn’t It A Pity, George Harrison – Seven minutes of my favorite Beatle. Yay.
Julia, The Beatles – Such a beautiful, haunting song.  It really does sound like a call to someone in another dimension.  Julia was John Lennon’s mother, but whenever I hear this song now I think about a young mother I once met and the very young baby she lost, seeing her photo in a locket her mother wore on a chain around her neck.
For No One, Rickie Lee Jones – Actually this is for Nancy who never did return the Rickie Lee Jones album she borrowed from me.  Not that I ever held that against her.
A Dream Goes On Forever, Todd Rundgren – For Dwight, Frank, and Bobbie (Roberta) and the fun times we shared together as newly married couples.  Remember dancing to Todd Rundgren in our living room?
It Don’t Matter To Me, Bread – Well it don’t matter to me if you can’t believe I’m including a Bread song here (the seventies were my formative years after all).  This is their best one; try it, you might like it.  It always makes me smile when I happen upon this song.
A House Is Not A Home, Dionne Warwick – I couldn’t possibly leave Burt Bacharach unrepresented.  A great song beautifully sung by Dionne Warwick.
Overjoyed, Stevie Wonder – Quite possibly the best, saved for last.

When in Pittsburgh, PA, you can visit The Old King at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

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