My Material Life

Bread, Butter, Sprinkles

Have you heard of fairy bread?  It’s something they serve children in Australia and New Zealand.  It’s basically buttered bread with sprinkles.  I read about it years ago in Saveur magazine; I thought it sounded enchanting.  It reminded me of the white buttered bread (not toasted) with cinnamon sugar my mom gave me when I was very young.  I loved that treat.

I recently discovered the Dutch De Ruijter brand of chocolate sprinkles at Cost Plus World Market.  These are 32% cocoa and they are very good.  The package shows them sprinkled on bread and apparently, De Ruijter is the Master of Bread Toppings in the Netherlands (according to them).  I guess this is something (chocolate sprinkles on bread) you would eat for breakfast in Holland.  I sprinkled mine on a Rudy’s white bread spread with Irish butter.  Then I cut the bread slices with a cookie cutter.  A very tasty, fairly wholesome, and easy to fix treat.

You could also use colored sprinkles or sugar.  The flower shape above is covered with naturally colored sprinkles from the India Tree brand.

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