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Midwinter Mobile


It’s warmed up in the San Francisco Bay area this weekend, but we just came through an unusual cold spell.  You know it’s cold when you see people in coats in the middle of a sunny day in this part of the world.  Anyway, I have a few good things to share with you in this post.  I made the mobile you see above using a wonderful product by Kikkerland Design, their hanging photoclip mobile.  So simple, so elegant, such a bargain!  You can use this as a base to create just about any kind of mobile you can think of.  I think I love it so because it reminds me of one of my very favorite design objects in the world today, the Flensted mobile.  Do you know Flensted?  They are a Danish company that makes paper cut-out mobiles.  I bought the Hans Christian Andersen “Ugly Duckling” mobile for Samantha’s nursery when she was a baby.  I think it may be time to buy her another.  I hope you’ll visit the Flensted site and look at their designs.  It might inspire you to make your own mobile by clipping whatever you like – photos, drawings, paper cut-outs, ornaments – to the Kikkerland mobile.

To create my mobile I used some metal snowflakes that I found at Target a couple of years ago and some Borax crystal snowflakes that I made using the directions you’ll find here.  I used the same technique to make the hearts that you can see in this post.  It’s so much fun to do.  Speaking of snow and ice, I just have to share this photo that I found in last week’s Time magazine.  Isn’t it wonderful?  The colors, the imagery – it almost doesn’t seem like it could be real.  When I look at it I imagine it as some fantastic snow globe scene.  This is a photo from the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China (northern China, near Russia).

Source:  Time Magazine

Source: Time Magazine

One last thing I want to recommend also has a connection with the snowy, icy theme of this post.  I don’t read a lot of modern fiction that’s recommended these days because when I do I often find it’s just a downer, but last week I read Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple, and I am happy to tell you I enjoyed it very much.  It’s a spirited book with an interesting story (part of which takes place in Antartica) told in a very inventive and engaging way.  This is the perfect time of year to lose yourself in a good book.


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