My Material Life

Embroidered Gloves


I recently rediscovered this wonderful article from the January 1994 issue of Threads magazine.  I have a big stash of inexpensive acrylic gloves from Target that I was planning to use to make some things from Miyako Kanamori’s book, Happy Gloves.  But I never did get around to that, so I figured this would be something else to try with them.

IMG_5194  IMG_5191

It’s funny to compare mine with Rosella Paletti’s (the article’s author).  Hers are so out there, so free-spirited and bold.  Mine seem positively anal when you look at them next to hers.  No matter.  I just wanted to try this out.  It’s such a great idea.  I especially love her cat and the lady on the far left.  They would make an amazing gift, wouldn’t they?  You’d get all the credit for giving something handmade while letting someone or something else take care of the hardest part – actually knitting the glove.


There don’t seem to be too many secrets to this.  It helps to be willing to go with the flow because it’s really hard to try to mark your knit glove with any guidelines.  I did resort to using a washable marker to make an outline of the heart above.  The most important tip from the article is to use a plastic cup placed inside your glove as you stitch.  If you plan to embroider the fingers, Ms. Paletti recommends you use a 6″ length of sanded 3/4″ diameter wooden dowel from the hardware store inserted into each finger as you stitch it.  You’d go crazy trying to keep from catching the back of your glove as you stitch without the cup in place to separate the front from back.  Having it there just means you need to know where you want to position your needle to come back out again each time you finish a stitch.  It works great.


Do you like that snowflake?  I took the design from this stocking that Nancy, one of my old Los Altos duplex neighbors, made for me probably around the same time period that the glove article came out.  I’ve always loved her button and embroidered snowflakes.

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