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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #7: Felted Chair Boot


Thanks to my friend Jill, I had the opportunity to introduce toilet paper roll knitting to a very nice group of home school kids this week, so all kinds of spool knitting ideas are back front and center in my brain and I have a lot of different projects I hope to share with you here soon.

When I found this post via Pinterest I knew that this was a job just made for the toilet paper roll knitter. But I was also thinking that felt is what you really want between your chair leg and your floor and that was perfect because felting would also tighten up my knitting. Also, I’d never actually felted my knitting before (not intentionally anyway) and I wanted to play with stripes too, so this turned out to be a pretty exciting little project. But then again, I’m very easily amused.

I knit my boot on an 8-stick toilet paper roll loom using Patons Classic Wool Worsted in two different colors – Aran and a purple that I’d previously hand-dyed with grape Kool-Aid. I inserted both yarns down through the center of my knitter and started by wrapping my sticks with a round of purple. Then I left my purple yarn where I’d finished that round and picked up the Aran yarn and started wrapping a whole round of that color. Next I started knitting by lifting the bottom loop of each stick up and over the one on top of it until I was left with one loop on each stick and I continued wrapping and knitting alternating rounds of color until I’d completed 12 rounds. I finished with a round of Aran color (that’s the round you see on the bottom of the boot in the photo above). I did want to close that end, so I bound it off in the way I describe here.

Here you can see what the boot (or sock or cozy) looked like before and after felting. I found this video and decided to use the same felting technique, but on a smaller scale. I actually felted the boot in a Bodum teapot that had a plunger on it. I filled my pot with water that I’d heated in the microwave until it was just starting to bubble. Then I added my boot, took a seat, and started plunging. That took about 20 minutes, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. You just have to be careful about not splashing yourself with very hot water. Periodically I’d pull the boot out to see how it was doing and I’d pry the tube back open. It would be pretty easy to felt the boot closed if you didn’t do that at least a couple of times. When I figured that the boot had had enough felting, I took it out of the water and rinsed it in the sink. Then I used a towel to press out as much water as I could before I placed it on my chair leg and molded it into position.


I knew my purple would run in the hot water, but it wasn’t a problem as you can see from the finished product. You might be wondering if I’m going to knit more boots for all of my chair legs. I think I’ll be sticking with my adhesive felt rounds on the bottom of the legs because I like the clean lines of the legs too much. But I do think this is a very functional item and I like the way it slips on with no adhesive. Maybe done in the same color as the chair leg? Maybe on just one special chair in a room? It’s still on my chair though and it’s starting to grow on me.

Can you believe it’s December already? Time for the Advent calendars if that is something you recognize. Click here to see a color-your-own version from one of my favorite publishers, Usborne. I found a copy at Linden Tree books in Los Altos last year. And do you know Jacquie Lawson? She has the most beautiful electronic advent calendars for your computer. There is a new Alpine version for this year, but the amazing London version from last year is also available. Happy December!

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  1. Gay

    Hi, I am using a felting yarn (Lamb’s Pride) and a french press with boiling water and a little bit of White King fabric softener, and I have been plunging away for about an hour and I’m still not getting much felting action. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I should add something rough for more agitation? I can’t figure out how you did it with your teapot and no soap….maybe I should switch yarn? Thanks for any advice.

    • Gosh if it’s a felting yarn you shouldn’t need to switch it. I didn’t use any fabric softener though, could that account for the difference? And you’re using hot water? I did just one at a time too – are you doing more?

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