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Canvas Drawstring Gift Bag + Pink Elephant Wash Cloth

This is a gift bag I made for another bath theme baby gift that included one Be Sweet Bamboo knit wash cloth like the one I wrote about here as well as two home-sewn terry cloth elephant wash cloths.  The organic cotton canvas fabric and iron-on patch for the bag came from the same shop, but I purchased them years apart.  That shop, Natural Expressions in Los Gatos, doesn’t sell fabric any longer (they’ve moved locations as well).  But NearSea Naturals is a good source for organic fabrics if you’re shopping online.  I’m crazy about the iron-on elephant patch.  It’s French.  I purchased several different patches from this line several years ago.  I can’t seem to find an online source for them, but I did manage to find the U.S. distributor, so I’ll contact them to see if an online purchasing option exists.  In the meantime, you can download the MEDIAC catalog of children’s patches from this page.

The pink elephant started with the small pencil doodle shown below and was originally going to be a flat stuffed animal and then a small flat stuffed toy for baby to hold and chew and finally, it became a wash cloth.  It’s a double-sided wash cloth that was sewn wrong sides together with a two-inch or so opening that I slip-stitched together after sewing and turning the cloth right-sides out.  I’m not sure about that trunk.  The original trunk as drawn didn’t work for the wash cloth; it’s funny that the new one looks like a human nose.  I think I know how I’ll reshape it slightly next time.  I machine stitched the ear, trunk, and tummy lines.  These provide more definition for the elephant shape as well as keep the two sides of the cloth together.  It feels great in the hand; I would definitely make more of these.  Wish I could find the same terry cloth, though, it’s so nice and soft.

I think I’m done knitting baby wash cloths for now, but I found a neat trick to block the last few.  We have a wrought iron table with a mesh top in the backyard, so I set down a couple of small towels, shaped my cloths on top of those and stuck my pins right straight down through the cloths, the towels, and the table itself.  Worked great.

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