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Japanese Eraser Necklaces


I recently found this very charming Playmobil necklace on a French language blog via this very interesting Spanish language blog and that led me to raid Samantha’s Playmobil collection so I could make my own necklace.  But even though Samantha hasn’t played with her Playmobil toys in a while, she wasn’t wild about me poking wires in them and I wasn’t really sure how that would work anyway, so I gave up on the idea … until I found these Japanese eraser dolls (D&J Hobby in Campbell) and the Stretch Magic brand Silkies necklaces (local JoAnn store).  The erasers accommodate the eye pins used to attach the eraser to the necklace beautifully.  I found the eye pins at Michael’s.

To make this necklace, you’ll need a Japanese eraser, a Silkie necklace, an eye pin, wire cutters, safety glasses and a needle nose pliers.  Begin by pressing the eye pin into the top of your eraser.  I pressed mine in until it didn’t want to go any further and that seemed to do the trick.  I didn’t use any glue.  I think it will hold pretty well unless the wearer pulls on the eraser.  That could be a problem.

The eye pin comes with an eye at the top already formed, but unfortunately, that eye isn’t large enough to accommodate my necklace’s clasp, so I had to cut it off and form my own.  To form another eye, use your pliers to bend the wire toward the front of your eraser as shown below.

Then, continue to form your new, larger eye with your pliers by placing them on the wire just beyond your new bend and bending your wire back in the opposite direction.  Cut the excess wire from the pin as shown below.  Please be sure to protect your eyes whenever you use wire cutters.  You never can tell where that excess wire will end up.  I even sent a piece of blade flying off my last pair of cutters because I was trying to cut a piece of wire that was too thick.

Finish up by completing the formation of your eye right around your necklace.


    • Now that’s a good question. Yes, they really are pencil erasers that are made in Japan in all kinds of fun shapes – animals, food, etc. These particular erasers actually come apart, so you could actually take off the body of the doll and use the eraser if you wanted to. They don’t look like erasers, do they? You can find them in Japanese stationery stores and in many toy and hobby stores. Thanks for asking!

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