My Material Life

Three Fun Finds

Margareta Fabric, IKEA

The Elements of Style, Illustrated Edition, Anthropologie

Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Set, Target

I can’t say I’m ready for the eggnog lattes that are already being sold in the coffee shops now that Halloween has come and gone, but this is a fun time to scout for new and interesting holiday items to use yourself or give as gifts.  I just found the Christmas tree fabric at IKEA the other day.  It’s fantastic, isn’t it?  That’s two yards draped over an Ektorp sofa.  I was just looking for a space in my house where I could lay the fabric out to get a photo, but wouldn’t it make an amazing slipcover?  I haven’t even begun to think of all the things you could do with it.  Store window display is my first thought or it could be used in any interior where there is no room for a real tree.  Ornaments could be pinned on with safety pins … I’m sure the possibilities are endless.  I don’t know the process used to print the fabric, but the image looks like a photo of a real tree.

The Elements of Style is such a gem of a book – even when not illustrated – that to add Maira Kalman’s colorful imagery in such a thoughtful and striking design makes it simply irresistible.  This is a wonderful gift idea for writers or aspiring writers of any age.  I wish I’d had it in school.  Have you read it?  It really is a pleasure.  Simple, spare, effective.  I found this at Anthropologie.  Their book buyers do such a good job.

The last item is a Target find.  I happened upon a new holiday shipment last week and now I keep checking back to see what’s new.  Do you ever look at the area where they display frames and vases and what-not?  You can find some great things there.  That’s where I found the snowglobe salt and peppers from San Francisco design firm, GAMAGO.  I’ve pretty much decided that salt and pepper sets are not very functional (well, at least the pepper part), but I couldn’t resist this one.  MOMA NYC sells something similar, but I like the globe shape of these and you can’t beat the price – $11.99.



  1. Ann Blankenship

    We used Stunk and White in high school and college.
    I have that tree fabric but, aside from the obvious tree with ornaments, what can I do with it? I’m thinking of a quilt!

    • When I first read your other comment I thought, oh no! Did I write Stunk?! Funny! A quilt would be great, I guess the fabric would soften up a bit, but what would you think about a tablecloth? Or how about clothing? I just saw a photo of a dress – I want to say it was in Time Magazine – that had a big skirt with a similar photo print of horses. It looked really cool, but I’m still leaning toward the tablecloth or slipcover. Think I might embroider an ornament or two on the tree whichever way I go. Would love to see what you do with yours. Have fun!

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