My Material Life

A Halloween Headscarf Story

I spotted her in my local cemetery just before the sun went down.  I hadn’t seen a dame with that kind of style since the last time I watched the Turner Classic Movie channel.  There was something so mysterious about her.  Why was she wearing sunglasses?  Where did she get that black rose?  And who (whom?) was she leaving it for?  No doubt about it, she had secrets.  And then she turned around …

When I told my husband and daughter about this idea they were polite, but I knew they didn’t fully grasp the possibility of it – I even doubted it myself.  But now I’m glad I saw it through.  This is a plain 35″ silk chemise square scarf from Thai Silks (aka Exotic Silks) in Los Altos that I embellished with a black fabric marker.  Someday, perhaps, I’ll try silk painting, but the marker (Marvy Uchida from JoAnn’s) made this so much easier.  And Jack’s face from The Nightmare Before Christmas was the ideal image to draw on the scarf.  He’s such a likeable Halloween figure and his face is made of such simple shapes and lines.  With the proper slanting and distance between elements, he’s a snap to recreate.

This project came in at under $20 for both the scarf and fabric marker.  The first thing I did with the scarf was to try it on and mark the center position for the face with a safety pin.  I replaced the safety pin with a stitch of embroidery thread and then hand-washed and line-dried the scarf.  Once it was dry, I ironed the back of the scarf and used a colored pencil to draw Jack’s face on the right side.  Then I got out my marker and had at it.  Keep in mind that the fabric marker will seep through your fabric; be sure to protect the surface you are working on.

I hung my scarf on the line to help dry the marker and ironed it again and it was done.  A very quick project.  This would certainly work for an adult as well, but you might want a slightly larger square.


    • I couldn’t resist – that photo made me think of Lana Turner. I think of her for those melodramatic kinds of movies, but the noir thing seemed to fit the mood. And yes, you have to watch out for that dame!

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