My Material Life

Spool Knit Monster High Accessories

Are you familiar with Monster High dolls? They’re very popular in some circles. These are the dolls Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue. Most Monster High girls are the teenage daughters of famous monsters. When Samantha told her cousin, Julia, that she was going to be Lagoona Blue for Halloween, Julia said that one of the kids she was a counselor for in summer camp had a mom who actually designed the accessories for Monster High dolls. I thought that was pretty cool. Maybe she works for Mattel? Then one of Samantha’s buddies suggested they make clothes for their Monster High dolls during her last visit, and though that didn’t happen, I guess I wanted to be cool too, so here are a couple of things I came up with using two different spool knitters.

Frankie’s skirt was knit with this 8-stick cardboard tube knitter. The tube came from a roll of wrapping paper, so it has a smaller circumference than a toilet paper roll knitter. The skirt is simply a 2 1/2″ long tube, but it fits Frankie like a glove.That’s because it’s knit with Cascade Yarns Fixation, a cotton and elastic yarn. This is what you use to knit lingerie. Of course, it’s a little revealing; I’m not sure Frankenstein would let Frankie go out in this, but I do think it’s a good look for her.

Lagoona Blue’s knit eyelash boa was made using my Clover Wonder Knitter.  The yarn is a Michael’s brand, Loops & Threads Eyelash Sequin in Frosty. It’s a little messy (sheds), but it sure looks good.

For additional spool knitting how-to posts and projects, please click here.

Now here’s some serious style – another short knitted tube worn as a hat (a happy accident; I was trying to get that tube over her head) …


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