My Material Life

Meet Henri

He’s a charming little fellow, isn’t he?  I neither intended him to be a) male or b) French, but that’s how he turned out.  I found this project on a blog post that included the beach towel blanket I made last summer. The post was all about cool things to make with towels.  The funny thing is I can’t find it now; maybe it was deleted?  No matter, I searched up “towel kitty” or something like that and easily found the plans for my little cat here.  Henri – along with some hand knit wash cloths and a bar of baby soap – was a gift for my niece Cait at her baby shower yesterday.

I’ve been wanting to make stuffed animals since Samantha was born, but the only stuffed animal I completed prior to Henri was this little flat Scottie dog for Samantha’s baby friend Jeannine when she turned one.

Such a great shape, isn’t it?  The design for this dog came from an old quilting shop in Cupertino – Whiffle Tree I think it was.  They used to make up this dog in Minky fabrics.  I  decided to make mine with terry because I found this nice quality yellow and pink yardage at a Jo Ann store.  The cotton terry is very forgiving when sewing it together, and it’s a nice soft fabric for babies.  If you can’t find the quality you’d like in a fabric store, remember that you can always use towels. Between the fabric store and the linen department, you will hopefully find something to suit your needs.

Be sure to take a look at the terry cat designer’s other stuffed toys on her blog, here.  She is so talented and very generous to share her designs with us.  Thank you Runo!

p.s.  If you appreciate cats and French films, you must check out this Henri on YouTube, here.  Thanks to Anne for finding this one.

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