My Material Life

Embroidered Sleep Sachet


I gave this to my niece Katie yesterday.  She’s a linguistics student and she’s flying to St. Petersburg, Russia next week where she’ll spend her junior year.  Isn’t that exciting?  She’s a real self-made young woman and we’re so happy for her. Still, I might be a little nervous if I was flying off to Russia from California for nine months or so – wouldn’t you?  I suggested that this little lavender sachet I made for her might help her get to sleep in her new surroundings.  I also told her I hoped she’d start a blog, so we can vicariously follow along on her adventures!

As for the embroidery, I used an outline stitch for the cloud cartouche and a back stitch for the text.  Last week I was commenting to Samantha’s teacher that I’m glad they still teach the kids cursive writing when a friend of mine said she never used it anymore.  I said I did, but in truth I only seem to use it for embroidery projects.  I tend to use the block lettering I learned in drafting class most of the time because for some reason I always wanted to write like an architect. Oh well, cursive works so well for embroidery, better I use it there than nowhere.  I used two slightly different colors for the text and the cloud.  That’s so much more interesting than using one color (what I started to do).  I also varied the visual weight of the stitches by using two strands of floss for the text and one strand for the cloud.  I attached a little charm that I found at Global Beads in Mountain View with a couple of stitches.  This one was gold tone and slightly smaller than the silver versions pictured below.  I was so excited to find these; I’ve never seen them before – have you?

If you’d like to read my last post on sleep sachets click here or simply click back a couple of posts.

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