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Sweet Dreams Sachets

Can you think of anyone who might be having a hard time getting to sleep because they are sad, worried, or unsettled?  You could make them up a little sleep sachet filled with soothing herbs like lavender, chamomile and sweet marjoram.  Or what about rose petals and mint?  This project comes from an article in the December/January 1993 issue of The Herb Companion by Kathleen Halloran titled Sleep Pillows. In it, Ms. Halloran writes that …

Sleep pillows are an age-old tradition.  The Romans used rose petals in theirs.  King George III and Abraham Lincoln preferred a filling of hops.  At naptime, Victorian ladies rested on lacy little pillows of lavender and rose petals.  Legend has it that the cradle of the baby Jesus contained a sleep-inducing herb, Galcium verum, known as Our-Lady’s-bedstraw.

You can make your sachets or pillows large or small.  The idea is that they should fit tucked into your pillowcase or simply placed underneath your pillow.  Mine have covers made to fit 4″ x 6″ muslin pillows that I made and stuffed with dried lavender purchased from Whole Foods (one sachet has dried chamomile flowers too).  The pillow covers in the article were made from pillow ticking and crocheted lace.  Mine are made from left-over fabric scraps and trim, with envelope closures in the back.  Actually, the blue Swiss dot was not a leftover.  I found that at Britex in San Francisco a while back and treated myself to a yard.  This is the first thing I’ve done with it.  It is gen-u-ine Swiss dot from Switzerland, and it is beautiful.  I think that pillow is my favorite.  I gave it to a friend who had surgery last week and the other two went to Samantha since this was back-to-school week.  Now I’m thinking this would make an ideal embroidery project, so I think I’ll make another one for a niece who will soon be leaving to spend a year studying in Russia.  Once you start making these, you will think of all kinds people who just might need one – maybe even you or me!

One comment

  1. I recognize that pillow. It is so beautiful and I love the blue Swiss dot. I had no idea of the history of these pillows so thanks for the information.
    Jo Ann

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