My Material Life

Preserving Summer Memories

Get it?  Preserving … the jam jar.  We visited Disneyland (again) during our Southern California trip last week and I was so disappointed in the standard-issue, half-dome snow globes for sale that I was inspired to look for some miniature figures so I could make my own.  The problem with the store globes is that they only had what looked like a flat piece of printed acetate to look at inside.  This works for those Danish float pens because they at least have movement.  But with only two dimensions in a snow globe, there’s just no magic.  You really need that third dimension for the magic to happen.  I’m sure Walt Disney would agree with me on this.

I was happy to look for miniatures for globes though because the hunt is so much fun.  No one is manufacturing miniatures for you to create your own snow globes, so you have to get creative.  You have to look at key chains and toys, and would you believe that the castle in the photo above is actually an antenna topper?  How many cars on the road today even have the kind of antenna that can take a topper?

I actually did find some Disney miniatures in packs of three, but they were awfully small and the contents of the package were a surprise.  I did buy one package and I got one figure that could be useful, the Snow White witch with her apples – maybe I’ll make a small Halloween globe with that one.  The Tinkerbell above and below came from a key chain.

If you click here you can see some other snow globes I’ve made.  The last post (the May Day snow globe) includes an explanation of the process I use to make them.

This time I used colored Sculpey to form my pedestals for the snow globe figures.  What I didn’t tell you in my original snow globe post is that before I put my Sculpey in the oven to bake, I press my figure into the base a bit so it has a nice indentation to settle into when I use the epoxy to adhere the figure to the base.

In this photo, the epoxy has been applied to both the figure and the pedestal and the pedestal and the jar lid.  Tinkerbell and the castle look awfully cute like this, don’t they?  Really, if you don’t want to mess with the water and everything, you could just screw them into their jars and provide a nice glass enclosure for them.  Just an idea.  The angels below may make their way into some snow globes as well, or maybe the glass enclosure idea would work better.  I found them in a small vintage shop at the LA Farmer’s Market after we’d left Disneyland.  They are 1960s era plastic from Hong Kong.


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