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Afternoon Tea at American Girl Place LA


We just returned from a short trip to the Los Angeles area and – having missed the boat to Catalina – ended up at American Girl Place just in time for tea on Friday.  The shop and cafe are located in The Grove shopping area which is right next to the old LA Farmer’s Market.  This was our second visit to American Girl Place and we found it too hard to resist the cafe again.  It’s such a special place:  the location, the food, the design, a seat and tea cup for your doll or the doll you borrow, and even adult beverages.  Plus, all the food and treats are peanut safe (they even serve a non-peanut pbj with soy butter). For a peanut/tree nut allergic person to be able to eat all the treats, let alone any treats, is a very special treat indeed.

Then of course there’s the shopping, the doll hair salon, the doll ear piercing, the doll hospital, the books, and the events – it’s quite a place.  And if you’d like a recipe for those gelatin orange wedges, you can find it here.  I usually say no to Jello, but I couldn’t resist eating it as an orange wedge.

If you go, be sure to walk towards the tower to the Farmer’s Market where you’ll find all kinds of old-timey eateries and little shops like this hot sauce shop …

and this donut shop …

Later that evening we walked out onto the Redondo Beach Pier, a place my parents used to take us kids when we lived nearby in Gardena.  One time they lost my brother Timmy (he was just a little guy then) on the pier.  He didn’t go over the edge though.  They eventually found him in a bar eating ice cream or something like that.  Anyway, the pier looked (and smelled) a lot like I remembered it.


  1. Kathie

    How Fun! I haven’t been down to that part of Southern California for ages! I like the picture of Samantha walking with her head turned toward those wedding gowns on the right! I think I’ll make the Jello Orange Slices for Cait’s Shower! Thanks for the recipe!

    • It’s funny how close a lot of those places really are – if it weren’t for the traffic. Yes, those jello wedges would be a hit. Samantha and I are planning to come and I’m trying to get Katie too, but that is doubtful because I think she flies off out of LA on the 4th.

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