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Birthday Cake Candle

Have you ever seen one of these?  It’s a homemade candle that is “frosted” with whipped candle wax that I colored with a blue crayon and then sprinkled with confetti.  I made it to celebrate a 4th of July birthday at least twelve years ago.  It’s held up well hasn’t it?  I could never bring myself to actually light the cake (look closely and you’ll see the wick in its center), so I inserted some of those plastic candle holders into the frosting before it hardened.  This allows you to add candles that you can light if you wish, with no danger of melting your candle cake.  Pretty neat, huh?  I found this project in an old candle-making book at the Bookbuyers bookstore in Mountain View years ago.  I made another one with a pink crayon for a friend’s birthday gift that I packaged in a pink bakery box.  That was a pretty charming gift if I do say so myself!

I’m hoping to add a pdf with directions for this cake shortly.  In the meantime, you can certainly find basic directions for pouring candles and making wax frosting easily enough.  Trader Joe’s used to sell teabags in a cardboard cylinder that made a perfect mold for a candle like the one in the photo above.  I don’t think I’ve seen those lately, but an oatmeal cylinder or something similar would work just as well.  The thing that could prove difficult to find are those little plastic candle holders. They seem to be out of fashion, but I found some in a package of birthday cake decorations at Diddam’s recently and I laid in a good supply because the sets were on sale and because I found this fantastic project while I was looking to see if I could find the candle holders online.  People do such interesting things with spray-painted plastic figures these days; have a look at this idea too.

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