My Material Life

Cool Color/Stripe Combinations

Stripes are so fun, aren’t they?  The mixtures of colors and patterns are infinite.  I like to collect images of attractive combinations for design inspiration.  These are some that caught my eye recently…

I found that sofa on One King’s Lane.  I’m crazy about both the colors and the pattern; I’d love to have a sofa like that!  But I’d probably have to settle for a blanket.  The pattern seems to lend itsself to crochet.  I wonder how you could replicate some of the flame stitch look – embroidery perhaps, or is there some stitch pattern that might give a similar effect?  It would be fun to figure that out.  Of course, I could embroider a pillow instead.  I have an old Peter Max embroidery book that I picked up at a used book store years ago.  There’s a flame stitch pattern for a pillow in it that I’ve always wanted to try.

The shorts were purchased from Old Navy.  That natural linen combined with bright fuschia, yellow, purple and white is so unexpected and simply smashing.  I could see a knit blanket inspired by this or perhaps some natural linen either painted or machine-embroidered with stripes in similar colors.

The frog is a dog toy I photographed at Petco.  I love the colors – so summery and beachy in a very youthful way.  I’m seeing crocheted balls for babies, beach accessories, that kind of thing.  Which makes me feel guilty because it reminds me that I haven’t even begun to crochet the balls I was going to make for an old family friend’s baby that was born in December.  I am currently working on some embroidery, a pillowcase to celebrate the Queen’s (Elizabeth II) Diamond Jubilee.  I’m afraid it’s a bit slow-going.  Just for fun, I’m going to leave you with another phone photo that I took of a portion of a Trader Joe’s window. I love the way the artist painted this mermaid (embroidery, kid’s T-shirt?)  Inspiration is all around us.

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