My Material Life

Pretty Peonies

I don’t think I’ve ever bought peonies before; I’m so glad I brought these home last week.  I almost passed them by because only one of the flower buds had started to bloom.  There are five stems in the bunch and that’s the last flower to bloom in the photo.  They are so pretty with a lovely mild scent.  It’s been fun to watch them change all week long.  I may go back and get another bunch before the season ends.  My sister has a bush and she says you only get one short blooming season. They are probably easier to enjoy this way.  There’s nothing like a clean house and a simple, single variety bunch of flowers in a plain glass vase to induce a feeling of well-ordered peacefulness.

These were $6.99 at Trader Joe’s.  There’s been a lot of Trader Joe’s promotion on this blog recently, I know!  I can’t help it; Joe’s a good source.  And don’t forget that fresh flowers are important (doctor recommended even).

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