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Classic Camp Furniture

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

I saw the previews for Moonrise Kingdom last week and when this image hit the screen my pulse started to race.  Oh my goodness, the red plaid mat on that cot and more of the very same plaid lining two sides of the tent!  Camp furniture (preferably old-fashioned wood) and red plaid are two of my very favorite things.  And with summer approaching, I’ve got wood and canvas folding furniture on my mind.  I’ve already been thinking of laying in a couple of deck chairs.  I used to have a pair and I even sewed canvas slings for them.  Unfortunately I left them out all the time and the wood got pretty thrashed, so I eventually parted with them.  Do you know the kind of chair I’m talking about?  Here’s a gorgeous one from Gallant & Jones in British Columbia:

Source: Gallant & Jones

That’s your top-of-the-line model, near as I can tell.  Did you know that these deck chairs are very popular in parks in England and that you can use them while you visit?  I remember using them in a park in Bath.  I thought for sure we’d have to rent them or something, but they were just there for the taking.  How do they keep them from being stolen I wonder? Well, I’m thinking of going for the mid-range model from Telescope Casual, part of their Cabana Beach Collection.  Maybe one in yellow and one in hot pink.  They’d look so nice and summery on the lawn.

Source: Telescope Casual

I already have a nice wood cot from Byer of Maine.  It and two matching camp stools were some of the first furniture pieces we could afford to buy.  The cot was a good investment because it still comes in handy as extra sleeping space now and then and it’s not at all uncomfortable.  Sometimes I’ll see an image of a cot that is done up with lovely bedding and pillows and throws in a park-like setting and think, I’ve got to do that with our cot, but I haven’t yet.  Maybe this summer …

You can still get wood cots from Byer.  In fact, Byer offers deck chairs (they call them gliders) as well. They’re no longer made in Maine, but they look pretty nice and they cost about $75 – the best price I found for this kind of wood deck chair.


  1. MaryRuth

    Just googled “how to re-canvas deck chairs. ” wondered why there were so many sites in the UK. Your article/post answered that question. I have 2 vintage deck chairs and 2 my husband pulled out of a dumpster years ago. Several years ago, pulled all the material off of them, cleaned and varnished them. Now have no idea about how much material to buy or how much “sling” to leave in the seat! Just looking around and found your site.

    • Lucky you! I just consulted an old book with just such a project. It did not give specific measurements, but I think the idea is you want your material to stretch flat when the chair is in it’s folded position and add enough extra on either end to accommodate whatever method you are using to attach the fabric to the chair frame. I’d love to see a photo when you finish them. Good luck! Colleen

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