My Material Life

Paper Cup May Baskets

I wonder if anyone else does this anymore (Wikipedia says the practice has been fading in popularity since the late 20th century you know).  We don’t go crazy, but we like to leave flowers hanging on our neighbors Sharon and Rolf’s door and Samantha brought a basket to her teacher and I hung one for Samantha on the hall bath door because her own doorknob still hasn’t been replaced since the time she locked herself in her room when she was two and I had to call the fire department to come and get her out.  I still think it’s a lovely tradition and what is May but a month for flowers?  These are ranunculus and gerber daisies from Trader Joe’s.  I was thinking about lining a strawberry basket with something waterproof and using some oasis in the basket, but then I thought no – a metal can that we line with pretty paper.  But how would I punch holes for the hangers?  Then I remembered that I had some paper cups in the house.  Could there be an easier May basket?  Just punch holes on either side of your cup, insert a pipe cleaner for a hanger, decorate with markers and stickers, add a little water, some flowers and boom!  You have a May basket. Look who else I found on my visit to Wikipedia – Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers.  Isn’t she fantastic? She was painted by Louise Abbéma in 1913.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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