My Material Life

The Cantor Museum at Stanford

Elmer Nelson Bischoff’s Interior with Cityscape (1969) from the Bay Area Painting and Sculpture Exhibit

By happy accident, I found myself at the Cantor Arts Center yesterday.  Do you know this place?  It’s a favorite of mine. From the Rodin sculpture garden to the colors used in the exhibits, the light, the space, the art, the Greek and Egyptian antiquities – the Cantor museum never fails to lift my spirits.  And can you believe that admission is still free?  I can’t!  All you have to do is pay for parking and I didn’t even have to do that yesterday because a woman who was leaving gave me her paid parking receipt with time left on it. I can’t really remember what the museum was like when I worked on campus way back when.  All I know is that since it finally reopened following the earthquake of ’89, it’s just gotten better and better. You can also eat there at Jesse Cool’s Cool Cafe.  I always liked Jesse Cool.  She participated on one of the career panels I hosted back in my days at Palo Alto’s Career Action Center and she was very generous with our audience.  The cafe has a lovely patio attached that overlooks a big lawn.  Beautiful to eat there on a nice day.  And don’t forget the book shop.  I was amused to find chocolate molded in the form of Rodin’s The Kiss there (in both milk and dark).  That would make a fun gift. Do check out the fantastic sculpture below by clicking here.  Or better yet, go experience it firsthand!

Richard Serra’s Sequence

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