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A Bunny Tail for Mr. Bones

This is a large pom-pom I made to complete the spring attire for a grade school classroom skeleton model named Mr. Bones.  Just my kind of project – no pay involved, more important things I could have been doing, etc., but someone I like and admire wanted one and I knew I could make it happen.  Plus, I’ve been wanting to make a pom-pom free style (without the use of my Clover plastic pom-pom maker) for some time now.  In addition, I had a Michael’s 50% off coupon for use that day only burning a hole in my pocket.  That was good because I needed some white wool; wool makes the best pom-poms.

I started with some instructions from one of the kids’ knitting books I have out from the library.  I cut two rounds of cardboard using a coffee lid as my template.  Then I cut two holes in the center of each round.  Turns out they should have been a little smaller; leaving them as big as they were meant more yarn and more time spent winding.  I used my entire ball of yarn!

That’s a Lion Brand Superwash Merino Cashmere blend.  Really nice yarn.  But there’s a problem with this picture.  Can you see what it is yet?  My instructions said to put those two cardboard rounds together and start winding the yarn around them until the middle hole gets filled with yarn.  But that won’t work, will it?

The only way to be able to wind your yarn around the circles is to cut a small piece of the circle out completely, so you can get your yarn into the inner circle for winding.  It’s a little hard to see, but there is a chunk taken out of the circle above. This doesn’t present any problem for your pom-pom, but it can be difficult to keep your wound yarn on the ends.  I let some of it fall off and even trimmed some when it got in the way – you’re going to end up cutting through the yarn at the top of your round anyway.  Here are the instructions that I found most helpful for making pom-poms using cardboard. The only thing that didn’t work for me was leaving a length of yarn between my cardboard rounds for tying my pom-pom together after winding because the ends kept getting in the way as I tried to wind.  So I left it out and wrapped a length around the pom-pom between the two cardboard rounds after I cut the yarn.  Then I pulled it up tight and tied it off, removed my cardboard rounds and gave the pom-pom a little trim where needed.  The instructions suggest making a template to help you trim the pom-pom, but I think you can get away with eyeballing it.

I made the bunny tail delivery the very same morning I heard Mr. Bones was in need of one, complete with the following letter:

From the Office of E. S. Bunny

April 6, 2012

My Dear Mr. Bones,

My office has received word that you are in need of a cotton tail to complete your spring look.  As you can imagine, we are quite busy this time of year, but my excellent staff have managed to complete a rush order for you.  We do hope this tail is to your liking.  Please accept it with our compliments.  It is our pleasure to do this for you and your most gracious benefactor, Mrs. G.  Do note that the tail is not, strictly speaking, a cotton tail.  In recent years we have found that wool makes for a much better tail than cotton.  Your tail, Mr. Bones, is made of the finest Merino wool and Cashmere blend.  And yes, Mr. Bones, it is washable in cool water.  We have left two strings attached to the tail, so you (or perhaps Mrs. G.) can tie them to your (ahem) bones.

With my very best wishes for a Happy Spring,

E. Ster Bunny

I could swear I heard the kids ooh and aah when Mrs. G. read the part about the finest Merino wool and Cashmere.  That made me very happy.  Click here to find more fun things to do with pom-poms.


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