My Material Life

Easter Favorites 2012


In photo order (top to bottom):

Large tissue paper flowers (instructions here courtesy of Martha Stewart) with home-glittered letters from a party store “make your own banner” kit.

My friend Camille’s Meyer Lemon Pound Cake (recipe here courtesy of Amber Simpkins) – flawless in taste, texture and appearance. Camille’s tip:  skip the boiled lemon slices and their brew called for in the recipe.  She made a test run of the recipe and found that they didn’t work for her.

My nephew Danny’s Jelly Bean Champagne Cocktail – Danny is only thirteen, so he created his drink with 7-Up.  Mine is made with pink bubbly and those naturally colored jelly beans from Trader Joe’s.  After a while, the sugar-coating dissolves in the sparkling wine leaving you with translucent beans!

Floral party favors for the ladies from H&M – I think these polyester flowers are so pretty.  They come equipped with both a pin and a clip on the back.

Marion Cunningham’s Featherbed Eggs – these are quintessential Marion (my favorite home cook): simple, unpretentious, homey good food – a bread base with egg custard and cheese.  The photo shows them before baking; they puff up once baked.  Add sausage or ham and fruit and you are good to go.  You put it together the night before, so all you have to do is throw it in the oven in the morning.

Interior door decoration – an assemblage of Anthrolopologie letters from a few Christmases ago, more tissue paper flowers attached to a cardboard heart (from February), and a small Spring wreath I found in my mother-in-law’s things after she passed away almost three years ago – just because they’re pretty!

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