My Material Life

Easter Craft Experimentation: Decoupage Egg in Crochet Nest

I’m kind of surprised by how these two things complement each other because I didn’t originally have them in mind as partners.  The egg is one of those brown paper mache ones from the Phillipines that I found in a package of six at Michael’s. By the way, I’m switching my previous position on the spelling of the paper part – or maybe I’ll just go back and forth between paper and papier depending on my mood!  The decoration was inspired by the paper mache waste can I wrote about a few weeks ago, and the paper came from a magazine that I picked up from the Saratoga Library’s recycling bin. Magazine recycling, that is – I wouldn’t want you to think I go rummaging through the library’s garbage bins.  I cut out pieces I liked from the magazine and glued them to the egg with a little watered down white glue.  Then I gave the egg a couple more coats of watered down glue, letting it dry between each coat.  I kind of like it a lot; I’m just not sure what to do with it.  But I think that’s the joy of Christmas and Easter for me – the excuse to make purely decorative items.

The nest is an experiment in crocheting with hemp cord.  Again, this is a material I picked up at Michael’s. The pattern comes from the August 2011 issue of Burda Style magazine.  I was surprised to see it there because I think of Burda Style as a sewing pattern publication.  They had a good article on crochet flowers too.  I wish I could find it online for you, but no luck so far.  It’s quite late and I’m very worn out with Easter preparations.  Here’s what I’ve been up to most recently…

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