My Material Life

Papier-Mache Waste Can


Look what I found at the Container Store yesterday.  I only went in to use the restroom, but then this fantastic can caught my eye and I just had to bring it home with me.  Isn’t it beautiful – that red interior! Whenever I use my sewing machine I eventually remember that I need a place for trash (thread clippings, seam clippings, etc.) and I usually end up using a paper bag.  This will be so much better. It’s made from paper, so the relatively clean sewing waste will be perfect for it.  The paper comes from Japanese language magazines in Thailand.  That was so appealing to me because last year I picked up some Asian language magazines from the recycle bin at the Saratoga library just because they were so interesting visually. The project in my head at the time has not materialized – maybe this will inspire me to use them in another way?  Well, at least it makes me feel like I was smart to have picked them up!

Papier-mache (also commonly referred to as paper mache; the former looks more correct to my eye, but it also reminds me of a Seinfeld episode – did you ever see that one?) seems like it holds so many possibilities.  I did make a bunny for Easter a few years back using what I guess is a cheater’s method, but I was happy to cheat.  Click here to see it.  Here’s another very charming project that I found online just now.  Perfect for a beginner, perhaps, and certainly for this time of year.


  1. This is realy a fantastic papier-mache waste Can
    I would be very happy to find some some Asian language magazines for a project like this.
    Mayby asking next time at the Chinese restaurant……

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