My Material Life

Moss Beach Poncho Prototype


I’ve been wanting to make a poncho like this forever.  I think I first saw one like it in Interweave magazine years ago.  It was knit in a rib pattern around the body, one color, and I loved how one short side was seamed to the end of one long side to close the poncho.  My knitting friends and I had a discussion about it at one of our recent sessions (two of us were inspired by friends we’d seen wearing something similar who looked fantastic) and that’s what made me think about how I’d design my own.

The model comes from Ikea.  If you’ve ever been to Yarndogs in Los Gatos, you may have noticed the knit-wearing wooden artist’s model in the niche outside their store.  I’ve always been wild about that display.  And making a sample for a small model really is a good way to try your ideas out before spending a lot of money and time on a full-scale version.

Why Moss Beach?  Because this would be just the thing to wear on the patio of the Moss Beach Distillery with a glass of Chardonnay in hand, overlooking the Pacific after a walk from the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  I’m thinking about using a Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool.  I’m not sure about that rolled collar, but I decided not to press it out for the sample.  Wish me luck.

One comment

  1. Anne Palmer Peterson

    I think you just could be the coolest lady ever! Thank U & Samantha btw for the delicious thumb print cookies! Love the Moss Beach Poncho!:)

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