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Swedish Design Inspiration from Hästens

As a domestic-minded, textile-loving kind of person, European bedding shops have always made me swoon.  So imagine my delight when I spied that bed in the first photo through a new shop window at Santana Row while on a Paper Source mission.  So Swedish!  I’d seen ads from this company in the interior design magazines and I couldn’t resist going in even though I knew these beds were completely out of my price range.  What I did not yet know was just how far out.

The very nice young man from Texas who manages the store (Will) was a pleasure to talk with.  And what a beautiful space! The shop has been open for two weeks.  As I admired the bed in the window, Will told me one of the Hästens people from Sweden went out to find something else for the display because it just wasn’t quite right and she came back with those yellow pillows.  Genius.  I once got a fortune cookie fortune that said, simplicity and clarity in dress are best.  I think that’s true for just about any design application.

One thing I really like about these beds is that though you can cover the mattress and box springs, you don’t have to.  All of these mattresses have something like a pillow top on them and that’s the only part you need to cover, so there is no need to use a fitted sheet or bed skirt.  That could be a problem for keeping clean things clean though if you have something like one of these in your house:

I also like Hästens’ large-scale checked fabrics.  They have a range of colors to choose from, and I especially like the way they mixed the check colors on the crib. I love checks and gingham for kids’ rooms.

Do you like that blue on the wall in the last photo?  I sure do.  It reminds me of Benjamin-Moore’s Wedgewood Gray, part of their historical colors collection.  I put it on a couple of walls in my house.  I once had a paperhanger (who I swear looked just like a younger Burt Reynolds which was weird, but fun) cover one wall of my living room with grasscloth and he said he was going to tell people who wanted blue to try the Wedgewood Gray because blue is so hard to get right.

Well, to get back to the beds, I finally decided to try one out and when I asked Will how much the mattress I picked would set me back, do you know what he said?  $90,000!  I kid you not.  That was their top-of-the-line product and they do have quite a demand for them coming from Shanghai and Moscow.  But don’t despair.  Prices actually start at $6,000, and the design inspiration is free.

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