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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #5: Chic Winter Doll Accessories

Dolly loves to pull her hair back, but she doesn’t like her ears to get cold, so this combination headband/ear warmer is perfect for her. She thinks the pom-poms add just the right touch. Dolly embraces her youthful, somewhat old-fashioned style and appreciates how it sets her apart from some of the newer dolls in the household (many from faraway lands – yet oddly, almost all blondes).

Piper is from Australia. She’s a beach girl who hates to cover up, but she will agree to a scarf now and then and she likes this one because it looks so good with her orange Ugg boots. (Which the other dolls will tell you she wears all the time – even when it’s not cold out.)

Nicolette is from France, so she knows the true value of a hat. Hats keep her head warm of course, but she also wears them to up the style quotient of any outfit. This purple one was knit just for her on a special double-wide, 18(!)-stick toilet paper roll knitter.

Project Notes

The headband/ear warmer was knit on a 6-stick toilet paper roll knitter with an acrylic yarn from Michaels called Country Loom. It’s a super bulky yarn. I knit a 10″ tube on the and left tails on both ends of the tube about 7″ long. I made two small pom-poms with my Clover pom-pom kit (mine is an older version; it amazes me that they keep redesigning these!) and attached them to the end of each tail of my knitted tube with a surgeon’s knot (this beading page has a good illustration). Use a pom-pom tail from the start or end of your wrapping to tie your knot, not one from the piece of yarn you used to tie around your pom-pom when you completed your wrapping. Tie the knot very close to the pom-pom and trim all remaining long ends or the whole darn pom-pom if it is too big.

The fringed scarf was also knit on a 6-stick toilet paper roll knitter with a bulky acrylic yarn from Bernat called Softee Chunky Twists. I knit a 25″ length of tube and then cut 12 seven-inch long pieces of yarn that I bundled into groups of three. I tied two sets of three pieces of yarn to each end of the scarf as shown below. Then I wove in both tails of my tube a bit and trimmed them.

The hat. Well, let me first tell you how I made the knitter. I took two toilet paper rolls and cut each one open down the entire length of the roll. Then I trimmed each piece cross-wise, so they were only about 2.5″ long. Next, I placed a piece of double-sided tape along the end of one cut length of toilet paper roll. I attached one end of the other piece to that and did the same thing to attach the other two cut ends and that’s how I made a double-wide toilet paper roll knitter. Well, almost. Then I wrapped a piece of double-sided tape cross-wise around the expanded toilet paper roll and proceeded to place craft sticks (fairly closely) around the roll. Next I wrapped a piece of colored plastic tape around the outside of those sticks and I wound up with something that looked like this:

I knit 14 or 15 rows around and then used a separate piece of yarn that I threaded through each of the loops remaining on the sticks. I used a plastic yarn needle to do this and brought my yarn up through the bottom of each loop as shown:

Then I slipped those loops off the sticks and pulled both ends of the threaded yarn to gather the top of the hat. I tied those ends together and wove all loose ends in before trimming them. Nicolette likes to wear the hat wrong side out.

Click on the images below to see Saige’s Popsicle Stick Poncho and Leg Warmers for Your Doll.

IMG_0148mml aliana stretchFor additional spool knitting posts and projects, please click here.




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