My Material Life

Beaded Pumpkins

Why bead a pumpkin?  Well – why not?!  And if not at Christmas time, when? These are impractical, a little magical, and very sparkly.  That makes them just right for these shortest days of the year if you ask me.

And these are not only beaded, but gilded and silvered too.  They were inspired by an Anthropologie store display that I saw in October.  They used larger white pumpkins with actual silver and gold metal applied to one section of the pumpkins; it was like a jeweler had made them.  And they threw in a bunch of little white pumpkins as well.  Some of these very same pumpkins, actually. When I visited the store in November, they had moved on to another display and were offering these left-overs to good homes.  I filled a bag and they’ve been with me ever since.

I painted the pumpkins first with my favorite Liquitex brand iridescent acrylic paints.  Michael’s carries this paint, and it is expensive, so it’s definitely an item you’d want to purchase with one of their coupons.  The glass beads are from Michael’s too.  Not expensive at all.  The pink and gold beads pictured above (on an orange pumpkin underneath the gold paint) were actually packaged together. Such a pretty combination.  And no, I didn’t place each bead by hand.  I simply brushed white glue (slightly diluted) on one section of dried, painted pumpkin and rolled that around a bit on some beads that I’d sprinkled on some wax paper. Then I filled in the blank spaces by hand.  Very fast and very easy.  Too bad they won’t last.  Oh well, Happy Winter!


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